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CloudCoin™ is not a CryptoCurrency - it's the world's first Cloud Currency!

Designed to be the perfect currency, CloudCoin cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked, stolen*; It's fun and easy to use. No special software required!

*When encrypted

Easiest, Most Private, Safest!

The First Cloud-Based Electronic Currency

CloudCoins cannot be counterfeited or double-spent. How it works

CloudCoins are composed of codes embedded in files, stored on paper or remembered in your mind. These codes can only be used once and then they change making it so that CloudCoins cannot be counterfeited, mined, double-spent or destroyed. The total amount of CloudCoins in the cloud never changes - except if CloudCoin becomes too valuable and then everyone's CloudCoin is doubled. Unlike Bitcoins that can are mined into existence, CloudCoins were minted and then the mint was destroyed. There are exactly 16,777,216 units and this cannot be increased or reduced because the number is based on the length of the Serial Number in bits.

When CloudCoins are spent they are authenticated by the RAIDA which changes there authenticity numbers so that only the new owners knows them. This authentication process takes place in parallel where the users Internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) contact twenty five Clouds of servers (all at once instantly). Because each RAIDA authenticator has only one state - CloudCoins cannot be double-spent unlike Bitcoins which have beendouble-spent.

CloudCoin transactions are completely private! Not Pseudo-Anonymous like Blockchains. You don't need an account. How it works

Transactions are not tracked in Blockchains! There are no public ledgers! Blockchains such as Bitcoin are Pseudo-Anonymous; you have to create an account and download software as well as a huge public ledger. Your account information is available to the public. All they have to do is link you to the account number by getting at your software.

With CloudCoin, there is no information linked to users. The only data RAIDA records is the last year and month (not the day or time) a unit was spent and this information is overwritten every time the unit is spent. It is impossible to link any person to any expenditure.

CloudCoins are really easy to buy, spend and sell. You don't need special software. How it works

You don't rely on a "public ledger." You don't need exchanges. With Bitcoin, you have to create an account and download software as well as a huge public ledger. With CloudCoin there are many options. You can use Skype or another face-to-face software to share a desktop and transact. You can send them over email, Facebook or USB drive. You can buy and sell them instantly with PayPal. You can use your cell phone and you don't need to be a smarty with computers or software. If you trust the people you are doing business with, you don't even need a computer. We also have an easy-to-use classified website so you can sell your products and services for CloudCoins. Make purchases and get work paid in CloudCoins!

CloudCoin does not require encryption! How it works

CloudCoin is the first Cloud Currency and is not a CryptoCurrency. CloudCoin gets its value from 400 byes of random numbers embedded in JPEGs or text files. A less secure option is to store your CloudCoins on paper by printing them as Barcodes or QRs, or by remembering them as a passphrase in your head. These numbers can be checked for authenticity by RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) technology. RAIDA is the world's first decentralized authentication system. It is distributed among over 25 different countries and governed by the CloudCoin Consortium, an independent consortium of members using a patent-pending revolutionary process.

Clouds are highly redundant stores of data that can survive huge attacks without going down. We place clouds in Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Canada, US, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Britain, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Russia, Romania, Hungary, India and South Africa.

They could all go down and so long as one still remains, the CloudCoins are safe. If and when they do go down, they can be replaced and repaired.The data is actually stored within the CloudCoins themselves and each CloudCoin has the ability to heal any servers that may fail.

CloudCoins become impossible to steal if you encrypt them! They can be recovered if you lose them. How it works

Bitcoins can be stolen. CloudCoins can, too, but not if you encrypt them! Unlike the Bitcoins that are stolen over the Internet, CloudCoins can be backed up and encrypted so that they are worthless to any would-be hacker and the owner is protected. Why is it that all data in the world can be protected from theft by encryption except for CryptoCurrencies?

But what if you lose your CloudCoins? If you can remember your serial numbers and the month and year you lost them, they can be recovered if you file a loss claim. We assume that if you know the serial numbers along with the month they were lost, they must be yours if they haven't been spent for two years. So we give them back to you!

The infrastructure of CloudCoin is self-funded by allowing Quorum members to jointly scavenge lost CloudCoins (CloudCoins that have not been spent or checked in years) to pay for their operations. How it works

This feature also allows you to recover your lost CloudCoins. If you lose your CloudCoins, put in a Loss Report and if the CloudCoins are not spent within two years, you can reclaim them! Unclaimed lost CloudCoins pay for the system. Every time someone takes ownership of CloudCoins, the month and year is stamped on each of the 25 RAIDA server data structures. This is the only data that is collected about authentication. The RAIDA servers are independent and do not exchange information except for information about CloudCoins that have gone two years without being authenticated. It is assumed that these units have been lost. The RAIDA operators send their data to a central repository where it is put together to recreate the lost CloudCoins. The recovered CloudCoins are then distributed among the 25 Quorum members to pay for their operations. That makes the system free for all forever!

CloudCoins can be embedded into customizable JPG images. How it works

You can make the JPG any image you like! It's fun! Express yourself! Use them to advertise your services or products. Or you can print them out and stick them in your wallet just like any other money. Want to save them in your brain so no one can hack them? You can do that! Just write the Serial Numbers down and create a sophisticated pass phrase, and don't forget it! You can go to our Web page that allows you to add your CloudCoins to any JPG. Do anything you want with them! You can put as many CloudCoins into any image that you like. Each image is like a wallet.

Want to see CloudCoins? Look below!

  • slide 1It's hidden inside a JPG.
  • slide 1Inside a simple text file. Encrypt this, back it up and it cannot be stolen.
  • slide 3It's printed out in a bar code — put it in your physical wallet.
  • slide 3It's printed out in a QR. You can put this in your physical wallet too.
  • slide 2It's in your brain only — don't forget the pass phrase that must be over 16 characters long.
The images above are CloudCoins that have been spent. They are completely customizable! You can pass CloudCoins just like you would pass a jpeg image.CloudCoins come in denomination of ones, fives, twentyfives, 100s and 250s.


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