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CloudCoins Grades

CloudCoins have 25 unguessable GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) that are stored in the coins themselves. These GUIDs are also stored in a distributed global database called the RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). The RAIDA is what gives the CloudCoin its name. The RAIDA creates an undeletable datastore in the cloud. There are 25 servers for each CloudCoin network and each RAIDA server holds one of each of the CloudCoins GUIDs.

The system is designed so that most of the RAIDA clouds can be taken off line and the system will still work. The RAIDA numbers are self-healing so that if a RAIDA misses a transaction, it can be updated with the help of its trusted servers. This means that if a server farm in Taiwan is hit with a meteor, knocking it offline, another server farm can be created in Australia and the owners of the CloudCoins can update the new RAIDA member with its numbers.

When a CloudCoin does not pass the test of every RAIDA server, we say that it is fractured. CloudCoin software should automatically attempt to repair these but sometimes it will fail. So, CloudCoins may not always have their GUIDs synchronized with all the RAIDA members. In this case they receive a lower grade. It is up to the person who is taking the CloudCoin to decide if they will accept a lower grade or not. Normally, CloudCoins can be repaired quickly and the grades can be increased.