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About the R.A.I.D.A.

Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents.

The RAIDA is a global counterfeit detection system that is indestructible and cannot be tampered with or hacked. Neither Nuclear bombs, comet strikes, world wars, Dictatorships or government hackers can bring down the RAIDA. Quantum safe, self-healing, simple, fast and reliable, the RAIDA can detect the authenticity of a CloudCoin within milliseconds.


The essence of money is that it cannot be counterfeited. The purpose of money is to help us economize. The value of money is based on trust. CloudCoin will take trust to the highest level ever. Using the patent-pending RAIDA technologies (The patent is to keep others from locking us out of the technology), independent system administrators from all around the world leverage thousands of servers and networks to create an unbreakable system that nobody and no thing can dictate. Note that the RAIDA does not create, store, transmit, track or broker CloudCoins or eCurrency. The only function of the each RAIDA Cloud is to detect the authenticity of one of the 25 dimensions of a CloudCoin.


We start by building on the TCP/IP protocol that forms the Internet. This technology was developed in order to allow messaging even while nuclear bombs wipe out major parts of the world's communication networks. TPC/IP is a nuclear-prof technology. The Internet has never gone down on a global scale.


On top of this we use the SSL technology. HTTPS SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL allows you to know that the servers you connect to are in fact the servers that you want to connect to. RAIDA only uses HTTP Strict Transport Security and only passes data that is impossible to infer. RAIDA's HTTPS usage is scientifically un-hackable and there are no known vulnerabilities.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server. Our CDN also provides DDoS protection (Our enterprise-class DDoS protection network has 20 times more capacity than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded.) WAF (Web Application Firewall) works with 4 million other sites to automatically block threats, dedicated SSL protection. It also provides high performance, reliability and protects the RAIDA from any type of hackers.

RAIDA Protocol

The RAIDA protocol is an extremely light protocol and only requires milliseconds to execute and sends and receives just a few hundred bytes of data. Clients send authenticity requests in parallel to 25 RAIDA clouds. Thanks to the speed of light, it only takes milliseconds for signals to travel to the other-side of the planet and back. Each RAIDA cloud responds with either "pass" or "fail". The RAIDA protocol requires no sessions or cookies. The conditional GET method is used to reduce unnecessary network traffic.

RAIDA Authenticity Request:
Field Sample
Serial Number 56298
Authenticy Number D32BCE8DF8926EE00E1233D8C6B1363C
Proposed Authenticy Number ACC42CDF54A5E06A59B282799408B4B3
Denomination 1
Sample Authenticity Request:

RAIDA Authenticity Response:
Field Sample
Server Name RAIDA-12
Status pass
Message The unit presented is an authentic 1 unit CloudCoin.
Time 2016-09-18 15:08:07
Sample JSON Response:
{ "server":"RAIDA-12", "status":"pass", "message":"Authentic: The unit presented is an authentic 1 unit CloudCoin.", "time":"2016-09-18 15:08:07" }

RAIDA Clouds

Each RAIDA agent is composed of many redundant servers, networks and databases. Such arrangements of hardware are often referred to as Clouds. No matter what components fail or are attacked, the system keeps going. The databases are mirrored in several different physical locations. There are teams of webservers for high availability. Multiple locations allow for catastrophic failures (such as a meteor strike), yet the system can stay operational. It is highly likely that the RAIDA Clouds will become the target of thousands of highly trained hackers from around the world. Governments may move to suppress RAIDA servers. It is also likely that the RAIDA will be targeted for Denial-of-Service attacks by the worst attackers imaginable. But the RAIDA Clouds will survive because:

  • Independence: RAIDA Clouds operate under different controllers who are not beholden to each other but instead are peers (equals). They can use whatever technologies they like, such as Linux, Windows, PHP, C#, Java, Apachee, Tomcat, IIS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle etc...
  • Distributed: With few exceptions, RAIDA Clouds are located in different liberal nations. The world "Liberal" is used in the classical meaning of the term used by Philosopher John Locke to describe nations that protect life, liberty and property. This guards the RAIDA against the actions of governments. Because the speed of electricity can circle the globe in milliseconds, there are no performance issues.
  • Redundant: RAIDA Clouds all do the same basic job. In theory, they could all go down and so long as one still works the CloudCoins are good.
  • Fixability: It is assumed that RAIDA Clouds will go down completely and have all their data hacked. That is why it is possible to simply discard RAIDA Clouds and rebuild new ones somewhere else. The CloudCoins themselves hold the data. CloudCoins have a grade based on their redundancy and these grades can be improved by fixing themselves on broken RAIDA Clouds.

RAIDA Quorum Members

Our most important security feature is our people. We only allow internationally recognized Systems Engineers to be members of the quorum. Quorum members must have professional certifications and long histories of successful work experience. No people with criminal records or of low moral repute are allowed. The Quorum provides the governments of the RAIDA authentication system. Each Quorum members gets one vote. The Quorum members are funded by CloudCoins that are completely lost or abandoned so it will work in perpetuity.