The CloudCoin Consortium

The CloudCoin Consortium is made up of system administrators, developers and others who want to promote the concept of perfect money. The Consortium was created in October of 2016 by its founding member Sean Worthington who invented CloudCoin and the RAIDA authentication system. The initial purpose of the Consortium was to create the RAIDA network, which after creation would operate autonomously. After filing a provisional patent for the idea (which was granted - #10,650,375 B2), the process of creating the RAIDA began. To implement and demonstrate how monetary systems are information systems, Worthington recruited world-class Systems Administrators from around the globe. This group of administrators became known as the Sentinels. The proof of concept tests conducted in January 2017 conclusively demonstrated that the CloudCoin concept works in practice as in theory. Unfortunately, one of the Sentinels was found dead at his computer during the testing. This temporarily caused a loss of RAIDA data, but the system self-repaired just as predicted. After the RAIDA and the network of independent administrators was created, a five-year development plan and coin release schedule was created. Developers were recruited and an Executive Committee was formed to implement the plan.The Consortium’s ongoing responsibilities include determining who serves on the Executive Committee as well as vote on other matters, such as marketing, PR and client-side software development.

CloudCoin Circulation and Release Schedule

In August 2016, 16,777,216 CloudCoin notes were registered with the RAIDA.

Minted 2,097,152
Total CloudCoins 10,485,760
Minted 2,097,152
Total CloudCoins 10,485,760
Minted 2,097,152
Total CloudCoins 52,428,800
Minted 8,388,608
Total CloudCoins 838,860,800
Minted 2,097,152
Total CloudCoins 524,288,000

Total CloudCoins:


The scheduled release of the CloudCoins will raise the total circulation until all are released:

01/2017 23,000,000
12/2017 285,632,102
12/2018 571,264,204
12/2019 856,896,307
12/2020 1,142,528,409
12/2021 1,428,160,512 (All CloudCoins Released)

The CloudCoins were spent into existence to support the team of administrators, developers and other specialists needed to create the wallet software to interact with the RAIDA.

The Executive Committee & Advisors

The Executive Committee manages the implementation of the five-year development plan with the assistance of special advisors.

Core Team

Ace Fogerson Chief Administrator
Adrian Niculescu Digital Transformation Expert
Alang Hsu RAIDA Monitoring
Ajith Narayana Technical Leader, Cloud Architect
Phil Flynn Energy Analysis
Alexander Fomichev
Satoshi Noda RAIDA Development
Sergy Chernyshov Lead Programmer
Voron Social Media
William Caput Chief Security Officer and Lead Penetration Tester
Sean Worthington Inventor of "Theory of Perfect Money", patent holder for USPTO #10,650,375 "A Method of Authenticating and Exchanging Virtual Currency."
Brett Caudle
Antoine Morin
Ilya Vlasyuk
Paul Iszler
Tuyen Pham
Andrew Lay
Bob Cefail
Kevin Harrington
Transform Group

The Sentinels

The RAIDA gets its physical integrity from being shredded and stored in different clouds located in many different geopolitical jurisdictions worldwide. These clouds are run by teams of independent server administrators called the Sentinels. They have no access to any transactional data. Their sole responsibility is keeping their server running. The Sentinels are each tasked with maintaining their server which represents a single node in the cloud. Each cloud is load-balancing and self-healing, guaranteeing both uptime and data security with redundancy. The Sentinels are ruled by a constitution and make decisions with a democratic supermajority. They are supported by the recovery of coins that have become lost for over five years.


A significant amount of coding was needed to bring the RAIDA network and CloudCoins into existence. This includes server side and client side applications across multiple platforms. All development was paid for in CloudCoin.


Navraj Singh
Alexander Miroch
Diego Raigoza
Lorne Green
Dipen Chauhan
Neeraj Rathi
Richard Maltby
Sergiy Chernyshov
Serguei Zhitinski
Sean Worthington