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Compare CloudCoin with Other Block-chain Crypto Currencies


  • Underlying Technology
  • Spending Speed
  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Counterfeits
  • Privacy?
  • Software Required?
  • Time to get started
  • Account Required?
  • Public Ledger of all transactions
  • Quantum-Safe?
  • Storage
  • Importable
  • Trademark
  • Fractions
  • Environmental Impact
  • Conclusion



  • Cloud Currency / RAIDA
  • Takes milliseconds to check authenticity.
  • 100% Safe if encrypted. Theft can be stopped if owner updates the RAIDA before the thief.
  • Loss can be recovered
  • Number of CloudCoins does not increase or decrease
  • 100% Anonymous
  • No special software needed
  • No downloads required
  • No Account Required
  • There is no public ledger or centralized database. See: What is the RAIDA?
  • Yes! Quantum Safe
  • Printed on paper, memorized as pass-phrases, in cell phones or computers as text files or jpeg images or offline on any storage device. Encryption is optional. See How will you store your CloudCoins?
  • CloudCoin is and can function as a crossover currency that can be imported and exported from software, including video games. Add a new dimension to your software!
  • CloudCoin has been registered so that it can be used as a general term throughout the digital currency ecosystem.
  • CloudCoin uses only integer denominations (whole numbers like customary money) and doubles if too valuable to scale to user’s needs. Comes in denominations of 1, 5, 25, 100 and 250 CloudCoin units.
  • CloudCoins use very little electricity.
  • Next-generation decentralized digital currency. See About CloudCoin


  • Both RAIDA and Blockchain solve the physical integrity problem found in digital currencies. But RAIDA does it much faster, more efficiently and privately
  • Blockchains are not scalable. As the number of users and transactions and nodes increases, the time to confirm a transaction also increases: Bitcoin Average Confirmation Time. RAIDA is scalable. The more nodes that are added, the faster it gets. Bitcoin is becoming too slow to use as it becomes more popular.
  • To keep your CloudCoins safe, you should send them over encrypted channels and store them on encrypted media. Note that quantum computers could crack your encryption. But they would need to have access to your files first. Blockchain is publicly accessible and vulnerable to quantum attacks.
  • An example: There have been CloudCoin owners and Bitcoin owners who reinstalled their operating systems, wiping out their money. However, the CloudCoin owners simply send their Serial Numbers (recovered from email) to [email protected]
  • CloudCoin is the first currency to have a fixed amount so that no money is added or lost.
  • CloudCoin may be the most private currency ever created in human history. This is because there is no public ledger that requires accounts and because CloudCoin can be sent like cash over a computer using encrypted channels.
  • We are developing a Web page that will allow you to Pown (password-own) your CloudCoins. Until the Web page is finished, you will need to download client software but it is a very quick download.
  • With Bitcoins, to be safe, you must download a so-called “Desktop Wallet.” This means you must download the Blockchain. The Blockchain is now over 130 Gigabytes and takes days to download. You can see the current size here: Blockchain Size. Soon the Blockchain will be too big to fit on hard drives and will take months to download. CloudCoins do not store data on a public ledger but instead store the data within themselves. No downloads required.
  • CloudCoins themselves have the equivalent of accounts so you don’t have to. RAIDA manages all these accounts.
  • With Bitcoin, every time you send or recieve money, those transactions are tracked. Anyone who discovers you account ID can know what you have been doing.
  • The United States NSA most likely has quantum computers that are designed for breaking encryption. In theory, the Bitcoin Blockchain can be cracked in under two minutes with a quantum computer. The Blockchain may already be controlled by governments with quantum computers.
  • We are now working on software to show that CloudCoin is the first currency in human history that can be stored in one’s mind.
  • Bitcoins are just notations on a public ledger. They do not exist in reality. CloudCoins are dispersed among all the owners. They can actually be imported into accounting systems and video games.
  • CloudCoin trademark is in progress.
  • People have a much easier time thinking about prices when expressed in integers.
  • CloudCoins are much more sustainable.
  • Real CloudCoins can be tried now.