What is a Cloud Currency?

Cloud Currencies do not depend on encryption but on redundancy along with a patent-pending distributed authenticity protocol. CloudCoin™ is the first and only of its kind yet. We minted CloudCoin™ so it cannot be mined or counterfeited.

What does minted mean? Did you mean mined?

Crypto currencies are either “minted” or “mined.” Bitcoin and Etherium are “mined” meaning that you have to show that you spent a large amount of electricity to create a new one. Other currencies like EOS and Ripple are minted meaning they are created without spending a large amount of electricity.

Are Cloud Currencies Better than CryptoCurrencies?

Yes, they are easier to buy, sell and trade. They cannot be mined, counterfeited or double-spent. They are more private, more secure.

When did CloudCoin get started?

The RAIDA was created in October 2016 and passed all checks on March 15th 2017. RAIDA has never gone down and the most RAIDA that have ever been off line at the same time is four.

What makes CloudCoin scalable?

Scalable means that you can add more users and the system does not become slower. In information systems, there are architectures that are considered unscalable and others that are considered vertically or horizontally scalable. CloudCoin’s architecture is both horizontally and vertically scalable.

Does CloudCoin fluctuate? Can I see a price chart of CloudCoin somewhere?

To make CloudCoin easy to integrate on exchanges, we have created CloudCoin Etherium. One CCE equals one CC. CCE can be exchanged for real CloudCoin using automated servers. CoinCodex.com To exchange CloudCOin for CCE use these sites:Withdraw Deposit. You can see how many coins are being owned by going to: https://cloudcoin.digital/pownstat

Can the government shut CloudCoin down?

The secret to CloudCoin™ is the CloudCoins themselves. The 25 authentication clouds are located in 22 different countries and managed by independent operators. Governments would have to shut down all 25 clouds in order to stop CloudCoins from authenticating. If one RAIDA cloud is brought down, others pop up to replace it. As time goes by and the value of CloudCoins grows, the number of servers will grow to 6,000.

Who Manages CloudCoin?

The Cloud Currency Consortium tries to improve the value of CloudCoin™. The RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) cloud is not owned or controlled by anyone or any entity. It is in the best interest of all these people that their part of the RAIDA cloud is independent and available.

Who are administrators? How does one become an administrator? Why would someone want to become an administrator?

RAIDA Admins are world class system administrators. To become a RAIDA Admin you must be recruited. We don't take people who request to be RAIDA Admins for security reasons. They must pass a philosophical exam showing that they are a libertarian. They must sign the Constitution of the RAIDA Admins.

What does data supremacy mean? How does the RAIDA achieve data supremacy?

Data supremacy is when a database has no systemic risk of failure and cannot be made unavailable by governments, hackers or even the people who created it.

How can CloudCoin be Hacked?

In order to hack CloudCoin™ the hackers would need to take control of a majority of the RAIDA servers. It is highly unlikely that this would happen because RAIDA servers under attack could simply be shut down and be repaired if damaged.

Why does Cloudcoin work as long as one of the 25 RAIDAclouds is trusted?

Imagine that you had a driver’s license from 25 states, but you only need one valid driver's license to get into the bar. The Root DNS servers are used by billions of people each day and the system has never gone down once, since the day it was created in 1985. The RAIDA is based on the Root DNS servers but instead of having 13 servers we use 25.

Does CloudCoin have any fees?

The mission of CloudCoin is for it to be 100% free to use. Because CloudCoin uses RAIDA which is hyper efficient unlike blockchain which is expensive to mine.

Who pays for the cost of the RAIDA? How much energy/money does it cost to keep the RAIDA up and running?

CloudCoin is the most efficient payment system in the world requiring very little bandwidth and power usage. Each RAIDA Admin pays for their own cloud independently. Energy usage is 10,000 kWh compared to the nearest competitor 438,000 kWh (Believed to be XPR). See details: CloudCoin's Energy & Bandwidth Use.

What’s the safest way to Store my CloudCoin?

The mission of CloudCoin is to eliminate any systemic risk of theft. Therefore, all CloudCoins are stored offline unless you put them into a CloudBank like Skywallet or some web storage like dropbox. Like the Blockchain, the Skywallet is pseudo anonymous. If a Skywallet RAIDA was to fall into the hands of the wrong people, they could see what accounts have what money. Although they could not see histories of trades, they could start recording the history of trades. Also, if they can link your account number to you, they can see what money you have received. Note: Skywallet is not CloudCoin. Skywallet is a CloudBank that stores CloudCoin.

What happens if I lose my CloudCoin?

CloudCoin is the only digital currency that can be recovered if lost. There are two ways to recover your lost coins. Most software gives you the option of embedding a recovery email in your coins. That way, if you lose them you can get them back immediately. This does come with some security risks. Another way is for you to file a lost coin report with the RAIDA and wait five years. When the RAIDA mine for lost coins, they will check this report and return coins to you if your claim appears to be legitimate.

Where can I spend/earn CloudCoin?

We are developing a classified system to allow for a searchable public registry of those who will accept CloudCoins to help you spend them.

How do I Buy CloudCoins?

We will have a public registry of sites that sell CloudCoin™ in exchange for currency. You can expect to be able to purchase them with whatever currency you have.

How can I Sell CloudCoin?

You can sell your CloudCoin™ on-line assuming you have a PayPal account or other banking. You may also accept electronic checks. You may also request cash, check or coin be mailed to you and send CloudCoin™ upon receipt. CloudCoin™ was designed to allow for easy escrow service so this is another option for riskier purchases. Each CloudCoin™ has an escrow password that you can use to identify yourself as the owner. This is necessary for an escrow account but is not necessary for regular transactions.

How do I make a sale?

You will ask your customer to send you their CloudCoin™ in the amount you require. You will receive these in the form of a .PNG or .JPEG via email, Skype, Facebook, USB drive, etc. You will go to an authentication server Web page. You will load the JPG into your browser. The Web page will check the currency for authenticity. If it is good, send the product. If it is counterfeit, tell the customer that their CloudCoin™ are no good.

Why image or audio files?

CloudCoin's goal is to be 100% private. CloudCoin can be hidden in any file including image files such as .png and .jpeg, and it is helpful for marketing purposes. Suppose you want to increase your email open rate so you include a png banner ad that has a CloudCoin in it. People will open the email just to get the Cloudcoin and they will read the banner ad at the same time. We use these files because we can hide coins in them. These coins can be placed in plain site.

How do I know if my CloudCoin are Authentic?

There will be hundreds of websites you can go to. You can load your JPEGs into your browser and they can be checked for authenticity. You can also download Apps for your PC, MAC and phone that do this.

How do I make a purchase with CloudCoin?

Find someone who takes CloudCoin. Check that your CloudCoin is authentic by going to a website and authenticating. Then send the CloudCoin to the merchant. Wait for them to take ownership. If they say they can’t take ownership then immediately re-authenticate your CloudCoins. If it fails then they have taken ownership and are lying. Otherwise expect them to give you the merchandise.