Provides The First Currency That Cannot Be Counterfeited

Takes Milliseconds To Trade


CloudCoins can be stored in any image formats like JPEG, PNG or Stack files which is the exclusive CloudCoin code base file. We also achieved storing/embedding CloudCoins into MP3 song and audio files.

This doesn’t stop here. We are continuously working on making digital currency switch easily between one another and make it more consumer-friendly.

You will be able to write Digital CloudCoin Checks in the future, to anyone you want to transfer CloudCoins to, with no banks involved.

PNG Image Files
PNG Image FIles
JPEG Image Files
JPEG Image Files


CloudCoin’s RAIDA system has fully upgraded its backbone using the Aerospike database. This internal performance boost of the RAIDA clouds improves its TPS (transactions per second) to at least 160,000 making it the fastest system in history.