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We created an exchange ( ) where only trusted sellers are allowed to sell at this time. We identified that ease-of-selling (liquidity) is the biggest issue our software programmers need to work on now. In order to make CloudCoins more liquid and easier to transfer into your currency, we are working on several initiatives to build exchanges. Backend software is now under development that will be used to make an exchange. You can follow the development of this software by looking at it as it is created: This software will also make it easy for merchants to take CloudCoins as payment, and for game and application makers to include CloudCoins in their software. Once an exchange is established, it will be easy for you to buy and sell CloudCoins at a market price. This is an arduous task and takes time. In the meantime, CloudCoins are not designed to be an investment. They are designed to be money. Therefore you may use your CloudCoin to purchase things. However, you may need to educate the seller beforehand.

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