Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a "perfect" global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, or permanently lost; a currency that is resistant to theft; a currency that is 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a currency that is so efficient that it needs no fees; a currency with a fixed supply, therefore no inflation; a decentralized monetary system that is absolutely fair and ethical that cannot be manipulated, monitored, or brought down by banks or governments.

CloudCoin has a number of unique properties that make it superior to all other monetary systems.

The most private currency in history.

The fastest to transact.

The most energy efficient.

The most scalable.

The only patented currency.

Quantum safe.

Recoverable if lost.

DNS based addressing.

Theft can be mitigated.

Crosses over to VR, programs and video games.

No fees!

The Perfect Global Currency!

Based on The Theory of Perfect Money as described in the book, "Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency" authored by Computer Scientist, Sean Worthington.


100% Private

CloudCoin is not pseudo-private like bitcoin and crypto. No transactions are recorded. No user accounts, logins or passwords are needed. CloudCoin is essentially digital cash. In traditional monetary systems, the people who “have” the money own it. It is the same concept with CloudCoin. CloudCoins are files. If you have the files, then you have the authenticity codes. Anyone with the codes can change them to gain exclusive ownership. When you make a purchase, you transfer your CloudCoin files to the seller. They change the codes and now the CloudCoins files belong to the new owner.


100% Available

Data Supremacy - blockchain has it, the global DNS (Domain Name System) has it and so does RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). CloudCoin is the first and only currency built on DNS and not cryptography.

Like the DNS, the entire world's population can use the RAIDA thousands of time per day. It is 100% scalable. The DNS system has not been brought down since its creation in 1985. Similarly, neither has the RAIDA ever gone down since its creation in 2016. It uses an incredibly small amount of electricity so it will never become too expensive to operate. So little that CloudCoin has no fees. NO GAS!


100% Integrity

Like the DNS Root servers that are spread out over many countries, the RAIDA is spread out over 25 national jurisdictions. RAIDA will soon be placed into space. Even if governments or hackers take them down, the currency cannot be double spent, hacked or spied on. The RAIDA's only function is to authenticate. It knows nothing about who owns the currency and there is no way to determine previous or present owners. Like cash, the money is spread out among its owners, not centralized on a blockchain.

Fast, secure, private and green! Say “goodbye” to massive server rooms and outrageous electric bills.

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Recent Articles About CloudCoin

fastes authentication

August 2020
CloudCoin in the News
CloudCoin is begining to get a lot of media attention. CryptoTreds Has created an article about CloudCoin Understanding Cloud Currencies Feat CloudCoin.

CoinTelegraph also wrote an article: Blockchain-Free CloudCoin Claims Secure Email-to-Email Transactions.

CoinJournal created an article CloudCoin|The digital asset with no blockchain

Speed and Efficiency

fastes authentication

May 2020
CloudCoin Speed Test!
CloudCoin is now the fastest "payment authorization" system in the world. We have tested the RAIDA for speed and can routinely authenticate payments of 100,000 CloudCoins in less than 3.5 seconds. Traditional cards with pins take on average 20 seconds. Already, smaller CloudCoin transactions take much less time. The CloudCoin Consortium expects to reduce the average time to authenticate large amounts to just 2 seconds. We are working on the client software to ensure that CloudCoin is faster than any other transaction method in the world, including cash. A cash payment takes an average of 45 seconds, while a traditional PIN card takes 55 seconds. Theoretically, CloudCoin could easily attain a 20 second transaction speed, making it the fastest payment system in history. We cannot imagine a faster system anywhere.


April 2020
RAIDAtech Patent Issued!
RAIDAtech, the owner of the technology upon which CloudCoin is based, has had its patent, "Method of Authenticating and Exchanging Virtual Currency," issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The CloudCoin Consortium has been granted irrevocable rights to use RAIDA Technology. This is very good news for CloudCoin because it means there will not be thousands of copy coins and crypto clones. Currently, thousands of cryptocurrencies exist, but they all use blockchain technology. Only CloudCoin will use the new patented RAIDA Technology. RAIDAtech will offer the White Labeling of CloudCoin, with a customized wallet, costing only $150. Unlike ERC-20 tokens, CloudCoins require NO gas, so there will be NO fees. This patent is sure to raise the value of RAIDAtech, which focuses on customer engagement solutions, counterfeit detection, and digital assets such as digital stocks and bonds. Investors anyone?


May 2020
💰 Do you want to earn CloudCoins?
💸 We are giving away a total of $1,000 worth of CloudCoins in our upcoming 5-episode AMA series!
👥 Participants who ask the best questions will be rewarded!
🗯 People can ask anything related to CloudCoin and RAIDA!
👤 The President of CloudCoin Consortium, Sean Worthington, will attend the AMA sessions to answer your questions.
🎉 10 lucky participants will be rewarded with $200 worth of CloudCoins in each episode! That is a total of 20,000 CloudCoins!
❇️ To participate in the AMA, send your questions to our CloudCoin World group at: CloudCoinWorld
‼️ with the hashtag #AskRAIDA, #ASKRAIDA or #askraida.
👉 Example: What is the difference between blockchain technology and RAIDA? #AskRAIDA.


May 2020
A Mission Towards A Fair and Ethical Monetary System


☘️ Episode I -RAIDA /CloudCoin
☘️ Episode II -SkyWallet
☘️ Episode III -Guardians
☘️ Episode IV -RAIDA -X
☘️ Episode V -Future

🏆 Total Reward Pool

💸 $1000 in CloudCoins
💰 100,000 CloudCoins.

How to Participate

📌Join the CloudCoin World Group


March 2020
CloudCoin Wallet Released!
Developers announced that the 4.0 version CloudCoin Wallet is scheduled to be released with the final minor bugs eliminated. The software includes SkyWallet, a trusted transfer technology, that allows users to send and receive coins without any risk of transmitting counterfeit CloudCoins, thereby avoiding the assertion of false claims. Users do not have to provide any private information to send money--no accounts, registration, or passwords are required. "This makes sending money completely anonymous," Sean Worthington, CloudCoin Lead Scientist said. "All we wanted to do is create the best Wallet ever. We did it!" What is very unique with SkyWallet is that it works with the existing DNS system for naming of accounts. Users can create a wallet address that is friendly and easy to remember. Sean Worthington has the account, "Sean.CloudCoin.Global." You can associate your names or nicknames with the CloudCoin serial number (which becomes the Skywallet address) using a DNS server of your choice. The Consortium is offering free usernames on the skywallet, but any domain is possible.


March 2020
Merchant System scheduled for release
There has been a noticeable increase in the number of CloudCoins that have changed hands, Million in March 2020. This is bound to increase when the CloudBank Merchant Support software is published. Scheduled for release in the software will allow a Digital ATM machine, debit card and bank that can run on any home PC. This technology will make it a cinch for anyone to accept CloudCoins as payment.

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