A global team for a global mission

CloudCoin is built by a decentralized community of scientists, engineers and financial experts commited to providing the most efficient and fair currency in history.

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Key Team

Sean Worthington

Lead Scientist

Author of the book “Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currencies”


Michael Terpin

Business Strategy

Founder/CEO of Transform Group


Phil Flynn

Sr. Market Analyst

Sr. Market Analyst at The Price Futures Group, Inc.


Adam Fogerson

Director of Communications

COO of Raidatech



William Caput

Chief Security Officer

Lead RAIDA Network Penetration Tester

Adrian Niculescu

Digital Transformation Expert, CMO EMEA

Keynote Speaker, Fintech Investor, Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur, Music Producer.

Yoshikazu Noda

RAIDA Development

Ajith Narayanan

Network Security

Alexander Miroch

Chief Client Developer

Serguei Gitinsky

Systems Engineer

Alexander Fomichev

Systems Engineer

Navraj Singh

Systems Engineer

Fel Noval

Systems Engineer

Alang Hsu

Network Reliability

Sergiy Chernyshov

Automated Testing

Neeraj Rathi

Sr. Software Developer

Dale Krueger

Business Development Specialist

Founder of Tangible Assets LLC


Gary Nelson

Business Development USA

Andrew Lay

Executive Committee

CEO of Hierographics


Brett Caudle

Executive Committee

Business Development Americas

Executive at The Tech Academy. Training and Educational Videos.


Radovan Bajic

Chief Technology officer

Technology Officer for Networking and System Engineering

Ilya Vlasyuk

Executive Committee

Business Development Europe

Dr. Eric Huntington

Executive Committee

Entrepreneur & Healthcare CEO


Don Delgado

Executive Committee

Director of International Business Development

Tuyen Pham

Executive Committee

Business Development Southeast Asia

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