THE VR EXPERIENCE and “Crossover Currency”

January 21, 2022

THE VR EXPERIENCE and “Crossover Currency” :

What CloudCoin Can Do in the Real and Virtual World

The world we live in is changing. The value of our money--historically tied to the whims of forces so beyond our control—has been long manipulated by questionable entities with sometimes startling agendas. The objective of cryptocurrency has been to decentralize our exchanges, so that we keep and secure more of what we earn.

The key to this is the concept of “Data Supremacy”: the idea that your data and your transactions are truly yours, and truly private: so that you can buy, sell and trade freely.

The work we do—its environment---has changed considerably, too. Since the onset of what is labeled a “global pandemic”, it’s grown increasingly urgent. Concerns about social and political volatility have never been higher for investors. Those anxious to diversify their portfolios, to open options to alternative means of doing business, and even those just passively interested in newer forms of currency free of Central-Banking controls and global instability have previously looked to blockchain technology to secure their transactions. But blockchain technology has faced serious challenges as the membrane between the real and virtual worlds has progressively narrowed. Blockchain simply moves too slowly to navigate this “second-life” existence.

With CloudCoin, that efficiency may now be available both in and out of the virtual world… as often as you like, and as easily as you demand it!

There is little surprise in the idea that the way we buy, sell, and trade has seen its share of innovation. As we continue straddling the event horizon between the real and virtual world, our fiduciary interests are doing the same. Even with newer crypto technology, the idea of doing business in virtual markets can be a clunky and risky proposition. But new innovations such as CloudCoin have made these transactions faster, more secure, and more reliable than in years past.

This is due in large part to advancements in the technology that provides immediately available crypto currency such as CloudCoin. RADIA technology has made CloudCoin fast, reliable, and infinitely versatile. Its scalability is key.

Imagine a video game transaction wherein you walk up to a virtual ATM, withdraw virtual cash, and purchase goods—real or virtual—right through your avatar. Imagine the ability to move your money between “real” and “virtual” wallets in an instant vs. the cumbersome processes of blockchain authentication and exponentially complex lines of clunky code. Imagine an environment in the real world wherein there may be a “run” on banks… but your investment and purchases remain secure through dozens of redundancies designed to scaffold a system that can heal itself.  

CloudCoin can do that.

Because it doesn’t rely on blockchain technology, CloudCoin’s transactions are private. The virtual, barely anonymized ledger common to blockchain technology is done away with through CloudCoin’s RAIDA technology. Coming advancements and services in the CloudCoin metaverse will soon open not just a new world… but a doorway between both worlds: “real”, and virtual.

Crossover currency is a concept that is not new to the second-life existence we have already begun to engage. But with CloudCoin, the opportunity to retain personal interactions and to guard those interactions with active, efficient participation in a global market can be a literal “game changer”. Find out what exciting new technological platforms CloudCoin is positioned to address at

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